If You Want To Pass The CDL Test, But You're Worried About Failing
The CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test, Watch This Video Right Now!!

Did you know most people Fail the 
CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test on their first try?? 


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About The Author
Scott M Thompson

 Hi I'm Scott M Thompson and I created the CDL Smart Training Programs to help my students Pass the CDL Test!
With over 28 years in the transportation industry and teaching Commercial Drivers License in the private sector since 1991 as a Driver Instructor and a CDL Third Party Tester for one of the largest commercial transportation company's in North America !

CDL Instructor for a state college for several years.
My students in both the private sector and with the state college Passed the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test with a score range of 96% to 100%! Many of my students Passed with a 100% Score because they learned the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection using the
CDL Smart Pre-Trip Inspection Training Programs! 
You can too!

Imagine having the confidence you need to pass the pre- trip inspection test the first time because you now know it!

CDL Smart Training Programs are a Video Step by Step training program. The student has their own personal trainer teaching them the Pre-Trip Inspection.

This is what you will learn:
Step by Step at the truck training works.
What to say and how to say it about what you are inspecting.
The name of the parts that you are inspecting.
The combination parts of the truck and trailer.
The exterior pre trip inspection.
The exterior light operation check.
The in-cab inspection including safety items.
The air brake test.

Learning the correct way to perform the pre-trip inspection will help you to do this quickly every day on the vehicle you’re driving so you know it’s safe to operate on the road for you and everyone else on the road today.


See What Our Students Have To Say About CDL Smart Training Programs!

 Hey Scott just wanted to tell you that I passed my pre-trip in cab and air brake test today the examiner was highly impressed!
Levon H
 Whether you are going to test for your CDL or are a seasoned driver this will make you a Master of the pre-trip!!!
Cindy C.

 If you want to take the guess work out of your pre-trip inspection you really can't afford not to take advantage of this mobile program.
Brad T.
Owner Operator   
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