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Testimonials !


Hey Scott just wanted to tell you that I passed my pre-trip in cab and air break test today the examiner was highly impressed! Here in Arkansas they have started a new rule called form A B or C where the examiner can either start you on the front of the truck the 5th wheel or rear of the trailer and make you work forward to the front. I drew the form B where I had to do in cab air break tug test then he started me at the 5th wheel worked my way to the back of the trailer then came up start at the back of the truck and work my way forward we finished the inspection of the passenger side of the engine compartment and he stopped me and said he was satisfied that I knew what I was talking about and impressed how through I was even if I was made to start out of usual order. Thank you for your wonderful program it helped me tremendously

Levon Hunt



How I Passed The Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test With Flying Colors!!
Cindy Cornelius
I just want to comment on what an awesome program this is. When I took my cdl test I had the full form for the pre-trip. I studied this app and passed with flying colors. It breaks etogether and makes it easy to understand. I now know what the parts of the whole truck are and how vital it is to check and know this. Even my boyfriend, who has had his class A cdl for years was amazed by the things he learned as well. Whether you are going to test for your cdl or are a seasoned driver this will make you a Master of the pre-trip!!!



If you want to take the guess work out of your pre-trip inspection you really can't afford not to take advantage of this mobile program. During CDL school it's easy to remember everything since pre-trip is literally all you do for hours on end, but a year later and, "How much slack can be in the belt?" and, "How thick must the brake shoes be?" and the list goes on. I use this program anywhere while pre-tripping my truck and it just makes things easier. I find things and fix them before highway patrol or DOT can write me up. Be safe, be smart, and get it right every time!
-Bradley Tyre -Owner/Operator

Testimonials !!

Eron Hernandes

CDL Smart Pre Trip Inspection Training Program was a life saver when training for my Class A CDL license. The information is clear, concise and simple to understand. The program is also available via mobile device which made it very convenient when needed on a whim. The program also has visual guides to assist you in identifying proper location and positioning for different inspection requirements. Thank you, Scott Thompson for this wonderful guide. It was beyond helpful in my journey to advance my career in the trucking industry.

Thank You Again,

Eron Hernandes  

Randall Kolpin

To: CDL Smart

Love your program. Your training program is worth every penny, I have learned more in two days with it than I did in two weeks. I would think after passing the test I would forget what I have learned but as a fact I still have your program stuck in my head and I am checking things on my truck a lot better than before. It has made me a better driver. 

Thanks again, Randall Kolpin

Justin Joseph Frishman

  Justin Joseph Frishman I was struggling with pre-trip @ CDL School. No matter how much I studied I just couldn't memorize it or understand. That was until I ordered this wonderfully put together app for my phone. Within 2 days I learned the pre-trip inspection and passed the test. Thank you CDL Smart and Scott for putting together such am awesome training program for the pre-trip. On a side note Scott is an awesome person. When I was having trouble with other things at CDL School such as backing I called Scott and he spent an hour of his own time calming me down and making everything clear.

Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Training Program!

Class A Training Program on Your Phone! $29.95


Step by Step at The Truck training program will teach you the name of the parts of the truck and what your inspecting them for, also including the Exterior Light Operations Check, In-Cab Inspection and the Air Brake Test! 

Class B Pre-Trip Inspection Training Program!

Class B Training Program on Your Phone! $29.95


Step by Step at The Truck training program will teach you the name of the parts of the truck and what your inspecting them for, also including the Exterior Light Operations Check, In-Cab Inspection and the Air Brake Test! 

CDL Smart On The Road Training Program!

On The Road Training Program! $19.95


  This training program explains the maneuvers that you need to preform correctly to pass you’re CDL Driving Test! 

Railroad Crossings, Lane Changes, Traffic Checks and driving in general! 

This program is what the CDL Tester is looking for when you are taking your road test!