Class A CLP Temporary Driving Permit Training Program!

Class A & Class B CLP Temporary Driving Permit Training Program!

 Previews of the Video Step by Step at the Truck Training Series CDL Smart Training Programs. 

  • Our training programs will assist you with the CLP Temporary Driving Permit and the Pre-Trip Inspection Test and the On The Road Test. 
  • Quick guide for the CDL Handbook for your state.
  • What sections of the CDL Handbook to study for each test. 
  • Assistance with this training! 
  • Two on the Phone Training Sessions  and You can email or text us your questions. 


About The Author

 Hi I'm Scott M Thompson and I've been training people for their Commercial Drivers License for the last 28 years! 

This is a lot to learn! 

That’s why I created the CDL Smart Training Programs to help you learn how to obtain a Commercial Driver's License! 

Let’s get started on your future in the transportation industry with our Commercial Drivers License Training Programs! Scott 

Video Step by Step Commercial Drivers License Training Testimonials !



How I Passed The Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test With Flying Colors!!
Cindy Cornelius
I just want to comment on what an awesome program this is. When I took my cdl test I had the full form for the pre-trip. I studied this app and passed with flying colors. It breaks etogether and makes it easy to understand. I now know what the parts of the whole truck are and how vital it is to check and know this. Even my boyfriend, who has had his class A cdl for years was amazed by the things he learned as well. Whether you are going to test for your cdl or are a seasoned driver this will make you a Master of the pre-trip!!!

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