Class A CLP Temporary Driving Permit Training Program!

Class A & Class B CLP Temporary Driving Permit Training Program!

  Previews of the Video Step by Step at the Truck Training Series CDL Smart Training Programs. Our training programs will assist you with the CLP Temporary Driving Permit and the 

Pre-Trip Inspection Test and the On The Road Test. 

Quick guide for the CDL Handbook for your state.

What sections of the CDL Handbook to study for each test. 

Assistance with this training! 

Two on the Phone Training Sessions  and You can email or text us your questions. 


About The Author

 Hi I'm Scott M Thompson and I've been training people for their Commercial Drivers License for the last 28 years! 

This is a lot to learn! 

That’s why I created the CDL Smart Training Programs to help you learn how to obtain a Commercial Driver's License! 

Let’s get started on your future in the transportation industry with our Commercial Drivers License Training Programs! Scott 


Testimonials ! What our Students have to say about us!

Hey Scott just wanted to tell you that I passed my pre-trip in cab and air break test today the examiner was highly impressed! Here in Arkansas they have started a new rule called form A B or C where the examiner can either start you on the front of the truck the 5th wheel or rear of the trailer and make you work forward to the front. I drew the form B where I had to do in cab air break tug test then he started me at the 5th wheel worked my way to the back of the trailer then came up start at the back of the truck and work my way forward we finished the inspection of the passenger side of the engine compartment and he stopped me and said he was satisfied that I knew what I was talking about and impressed how through I was even if I was made to start out of usual order. Thank you for your wonderful program it helped me tremendously

Levon Hunt


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