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CDLSmart Com Pre Trip Inspection Training Program was a life saver when training for my Class A CDL license. The information is clear, concise and simple to understand. The program is also available via mobile device which made it very convenient when needed on a whim. The program also has visual guides to assist you in identifying proper location and positioning for different inspection requirements. Thank you, Scott Thompson for this wonderful guide. It was beyond helpful in my journey to advance my career in the trucking industry.

Thank You Again,

Eron Hernandes 


How I Passed The Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test With Flying Colors!!

  Cindy Cornelius 

I just want to comment on what an awesome program this is. When I took my cdl test I had the full form for the pre-trip. I studied this app and passed with flying colors. It breaks etogether and makes it easy to understand. I now know what the parts of the whole truck are and how vital it is to check and know this. Even my boyfriend, who has had his class A cdl for years was amazed by the things he learned as well. Whether you are going to test for your cdl or are a seasoned driver this will make you a Master of the pre-trip!!!

If you want to take the guess work out of your pre-trip inspection you really can't afford not to take advantage of this mobile program. During CDL school it's easy to remember everything since pre-trip is literally all you do for hours on end, but a year later and, "How much slack can be in the belt?" and, "How thick must the brake shoes be?" and the list goes on. I use this program anywhere while pre-tripping my truck and it just makes things easier. I find things and fix them before highway patrol or DOT can write me up. Be safe, be smart, and get it right every time!

-Bradley Tyre -Owner/Operator

This is how I learned the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection!

Safety Begins with a Complete Pre-Trip Inspection!


CDL Smart com

We provide a complete Step by Step At The Truck Pre Trip Inspection Training program that can teach you the Pre-Trip Inspection and it can also assist you with the Temporary Driving Permit test by explaining what you’re inspecting on each of the truck and trailer parts and what you’re inspecting them for. This will help you with the General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination tests.  


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Most training programs are only available in book or cd forms that you can only watch on a TV or a Computer that range in price from 99.00 to 349.00! Our program is priced right at 29.95 and it’s downloaded to your phone so you can study it right at the truck!


Class A Training Program

Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Program is a 103 page complete Pre-Trip/Post Trip at the truck training manual for only 29.95 this is an exceptional value! 

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Class B Training Program

 The Class B Training Program is a 74 page complete Pre-Trip/Post Trip at the truck training manual for only 29.95 this is an exceptional value! 

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